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Born in Rome - belonging to an ancient family of the so called Roman Nobility - his mother is a classic piano musician and his father a painter and sculptor. Varo Venturi, still young, shows interest in visual arts, performing arts and music. After studying Modern Literature, he began to work as a photographer with various cultural reports for popular weekly magazines. At the same time he writes poetry, performs music and acting for contemporary theater productions such as Julian Beck’s “Living Theatre” for the “Prometeo” or the “Medea”, by Enrico Job & Lina Wertmuller. Then he begin to write and produce pop songs among which “Amore disperato”, performed by the popular italian singer Nada, that achieved some noteworthy success nd many covers worldwide. The song easily became one of the most solid “evergreens” in Italy, still often exploited as title track for many successful film soundtracks. He then created the group Blossom Child, writing and producing the hit single “I pray”, which received a Gold Record Award in France. He also formed his own groups, Richter, Venturi & Murru that hit one of the most original performance of a Sanremo festival, Mondorhama and later the Guernica (the latter in collaboration with Vasco Rossi) working as producer, composer, musician and singer. In addition, he made several videoclips for different artists.

 In 1997 he begins his activity as a film-maker and his first short “Cosmos Hotel”, wins a Gold Award at the Nanni Moretti’s Sacher Festival, becoming one of the most appreciated short film of the year in Europe throughout many other film festivals as Locarno, Turin, etc.. This work, that blends in an original style all the artistic influences of V.V., was one of the first ones shot on digital video, format of which V.V. can be considered among the pioneers. After performing as an actor in Franco Bernini’s movie “Sotto la Luna”, V.V. directed his second short, “Don Giovanni”, also shot on digital. In 2000 he acted in “Controvento” by Peter Del Monte playing alongside with Valeria Golino. In the meanwhile he co-writes with Luisa Maria Fusconi and Ennio De Dominicis the script for “L’italiano” (2002), directed by De Dominicis, in which Venturi also performs one of the leading roles.

 Around 2003 he undertakes the making of “Nazareno”, his first feature film, independently produced and distributed by his new production company Deusfilm without the help of governament funds. In “Nazareno” Venturi directed a cast of numerous non-professional actors taken from the streets and from their real lives, playing also one of the main characters. The film wins many awards among which the Special Jury Award at ECÚ the European Indipendent Film Festival, held in Paris in march 2008.

Among his next projects - after “6 days on earth” in which Venturi faces the controversial theme of alien abductions - he’s about to realize an international co-production for a movie set in the 15th century, in which one of the main characters is his illustrious ancestor Pope Pius II (Enea Piccolomini).



2010 6 GIORNI SULLA TERRA (6 days on earth) feature film (as director, writer, actor, etc.)
2007 NAZARENO – feature film (as director, writer, actor, cinematographer,, editor, composer)
Special Jury Award at ECÚ 2008 – the European Indipendent Film Festival
Special Jury Mention at Festival dello Stretto (Messina 2007)
2002 L’ITALIANO – feature film by E. De Dominicis (as writer and actor)
2000 CONTROVENTO – feature film by P. Del Monte (as actor)
1999 SOTTO LA LUNA – feature film by F. Bernini (as actor and composer)
1998 DON GIOVANNI – short (as director, writer, actor, cinematographer, editor, composer)
1997 COSMOS HOTEL - short (as director, writer, actor, cinematographer, composer)
Gold Sacher award at the Sacher short Festival